How to make incense sticks at home

incense sticks at home

1. To make the incense sticks, take the unscented incense sticks and place it in a long container so that it will be easy to catch the drippings.
2.Make sure to completely wet the whole incense stick with your choice of essential oils, place it in a long glass tumbler to dry out for a day and your incense sticks are ready!
3. TO MAKE INCENSE CONES: Take the sandalwood shavings in a dry mixer. They smell so very divine.
4. I ground the sandalwood shavings to a fine powder and mixed it with little bit of sandalwood powder and distilled water to make a thick paste that can be rolled into cones.
5. Make small cones and arrange it in a plate to dry out for at least a day inside the house. Once completely dry, it is ready to be lit.


  • Make sure the bottom part of the cone is also dry.
  • Try to make small batches for the perfume to remain fresh.
  • For agarbatti sticks, you can use any combination of your favorite fragrance oils or essential oils.
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